Fecal Transplant

What is Fecal transplant?

The human body has a lot of necessary (good) bacteria in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract.  Fecal transplant involves taking stool from a healthy person and transferring it into a person suffering from a disease caused by an imbalance in the amounts of the necessary (good) bacteria. 

How does a Fecal transplant work?

Fecal transplant is most commonly used as a treatment for a disease caused by overgrowth of a bacteria called Clostridium diffiicile (or C diff) when standard therapies have failed. Fecal transplant involves transferring the necessary microorganisms from a healthy donor into a patient with C diff infection.  These bacteria then begin to grow in the patient’s colon and prevent C diff from overgrowing again.

How is the Fecal transplant procedure performed

The procedure is performed by administering a solution of donor stoll and saline into your GI tract during a colonoscopy.

What is the success rate?

There are over 200 case reports in the world’s medical literature to date, reporting an overall success rate of 90-95%.

South Bay Gastroenterology Medical Group is one of the very few providers offering this service.

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