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Current Research Studies

Our office has been participating in research studies for over 15 years.  Below is a list of current enrolling studies.  Some studies offer financial payments for patient participation or access to free medications.  If you would like more information regarding participation in any of our studies, please contact our Research Coordinator, Vickie Wiseman at 310-539-2055 extension 720.

Crohns Disease: Patients with active moderate to severe Crohns Disease with symptoms that are not controlled.  This study is with the use of a  biologic medication.

Iron Study: Patients with Anemia and their hemoglobin is less than 11.  This study is in the use of oral iron or IV iron.

Promethus: A blood test to check for antibodies in patients being treated with a biologic who may be presenting with new symptoms.

Colon Cancer: This study is for patients with no family or personal history of Colon Cancer.  The patient must be anemic or have blood in their stool.

Blood Draw: For patients with chronic livers disease.  This study requires a blood sample to be drawn.

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